Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Thoughts - Hobby time and Kroot

The weekend has come and gone again. For some people, it was filled with hobby goodness and tales of glorious victories or ignominious defeats on the tabletop battlefields...

For me? Not so much.

As you may or may not know, I have a very loving and understanding wife. I don't expect her to participate in my hobby, but she does understand that I'm passionate about it and she even nods acknowledgingly when I show her my latest paint-job... she even tries to give me advice about color usage and stuff like that.

In return, I allow her to have her hobbies, as is just normal in my opinion. Her greatest hobby happens to be American Style Horseback riding. This saturday, among others, she had a full-day course that she needed to attend with Copy, her horse. I support her in this and help out in any way I can.

So on saturday, I had to deal with the chores all by myself and since we both work full-time, there was some stuff to be done. Anyway, long story short(-ish), I got to squeeze in a bit of hobby-time (as you no doubt have seen here) in between the stuff I needed to do. The rest of the weekend was spent on family things.

I'd like to hear what you guys were doing this weekend. Did you get in a lot of hobby-time? What takes up most of your attention on weekends?


Doing chores doesn't mean I can't think about the hobby...
So as you may have read in a previous post, I also have some Kroot that need painting, and over the course of the weekend, I've been thinking a bit about color schemes for them.

The criteria for the Kroot color scheme:
  1. They need to look like they belong in a desert. (They eat some desert fauna, thus absorbing the prey's natural desert camo look... sounds logical, doesn't it?)
  2. The overall look needs to be fast to paint.

I decided to do a web search and see if there are any schemes that I like.
These are your standard GW painted Kroot. I actually like them, however, since I'm aiming for a desert basing theme, I might be looking more for a desert look for my Kroot. And maybe something a bit faster to paint.

 This one looks easy enough to paint. White basecoat with a blue wash... substitute the blue wash for sepia and we might have a start...
 Green... no.

Hmm, this one looks interesting. I really like the contrasting eyes and red might work as a desert color. Maybe highlighted up to orange or even yellow.
Turquoise... I really like this model and the paint-job, but I'm afraid this really doesn't look desert-y enough.

Inspiration... nothing like google image search for inspiration!

What did you do with your weekend? Hobby-time or Family-time?


  1. I am liking the idea of the red ones, with a nod in there to your color scheme for tau

  2. I am liking the idea of the red ones, with a nod in there to your color scheme for tau


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