Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Next batch of Tau

Where we left off on saturday
This is where I left off on saturday. The armor, undersuit and mechanical components were done.
All of this, excluding airbrushed black basecoat, took me about 40 minutes.

Let's see what happened after that...

Yesterday I pressed on and did all of the detailing in about an hour.
This includes:

  • Metal bits
  • White on the symbols
  • Eye and other lenses
  • White sept markings
  • Flocking the base
That's how we got to this:

Group shot
I think the color scheme works great on Stealth suits as well...
Since the PVA on the base needed to dry, I decided to call it a day and went on to play some World of Tanks. The missus was off training her horse so I still had some time left to kill... the opposing team in WoT.

After some mediocre battles in my newest tank, the French AMX 12t, the PVA had dried quite a bit so I went on to paint up the bases as well.

ARGH... a smudge!
It was only when looking at the final picture that I noticed I hit the burst cannon with the brush I used to paint the base. Thinking the paint might not have dried up yet, I tried to remove the stain with a wet finger.

That didn't work so I thought I'd use my fingernail to scratch the paint off... bad thinking... I scratched through the entire paintjob onto the naked plastic. So now I no longer have a Dead Flesh smudge, I have a spot of bare plastic on the burst cannon...

It was getting late, so the touch-up will need to wait until the next hobby session. I'll probably go over the bald spot with paint-on black primer, streak on some grey to form a bit of a highlight and then use the violet wash again to tint only that part. Let's hope it blends in with the surrounding armor when done.

Except for that final hickup, I'm very pleased with how these guys turned out. The color scheme looks great and is easy and fast to apply, even on Stealth suits.

Next up are the other 2 Stealth suits and some more firewarriors I think.

Have you ever been really happy with a paint job only to come crashing done when something bad happens?

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