Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tau Empire models Part 3 - Bits and Bobs

Welcome back to the third part of this series: "What does Cheatah think about the new Tau models?"

Today, we will take a look at a couple of models that were left in the cold in the previous posts.

I couldn't find a relevant image, so I googled "bits and bobs" and found this:
Your friendly neighborhood squigs?

XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Team

XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Team = 3x Crisis Battlesuit

I wasn't going to give my opinion on the new XV8 Crisis Battlesuit team box, but then I changed my mind.

The reason I wasn't going to post about these guys is the fact that... they're the same as before. Only, they now come in a box of three, which is the exact amount of a maximum squad loadout. Smart move by GW... uh... whatever.
Apparently, they also still come separately in a box: here.

These are the trusty old crisis battlesuits that everybody loves... except... they (still) have one excruciating shortcoming: they can all be outfitted with twin-linked weapon systems in-game but they only come with one weapon of each in the box! (I deduce this information from the fact that each suit gets 2 drones, and if I remember correctly, the 2 drones are on the weapon frame... If I am mistaken, and I sincerely hope I am, please tell me in the comments)

This is somewhat mitigated by the fact they are now sold in threes.. but that still gives you three weapons of each, where generally, you will want six of the same weapon on the squad. What's the point of outfitting the seperate members of the squad with a different weapon layout?

So let's talk money. One XV8 sets you back 19.5€ while the set of 3 can be purchased for 50€. You essentially get half a battlesuit for free... yay. The first I heard, the set of 3 was going to be 60€. Thank god that didn't happen...

Commander Farsight

This is a new model, made in finecast.

What really strikes me is the dynamic pose of the battlesuit. I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that charge!
Looking at the streamers hanging from the armor, and the segmented armor plates of the battlesuit, this model reminds me of a Samurai. Nimble but powerful.

Herpy derp, commernder ferserht...
Especially if you compare it to the older model, this new and improved Farsight is a sight to behold!

I almost ran out to the store to buy it on the spot, even though it's Finecast. But then I saw the price... 39€... thirty... nine...

Now at least I will wait for the codex to arrive so I can read his rules first... then I will decide if I want Farsight or a new Broadside. Yes, most people would buy one of each (and then some more broadsides), but I'm on a budget so I need to make decisions!

Darkstrider and Longstrike

These are both new character models, made in Finecast.

They look great as far as I can tell from the pictures on the GW website. The details look crisp and the poses are really nice.


I especially like Longstrike, looking out of his Hammerhead, directing the other guys where to go.

That's it for my review of the new Tau Empire models.
So what do you think about them?
... and would you like to see more posts like this about future releases?


  1. I was dissapointed they didn't redo the crisis suits, especially when seeing how awesome the enforcer suit and farsight are. Imagine if they made 3 crisis suits a new plastic kit!

    Finecast however - sigh. Every model in finecast I've had has been difficult and required repairs, so I'm avoiding it as much as possible. It's not that metal was any better (major issues fitting things together) but plastic is just. so. nice. I think finecast's biggest issue is that we're spoiled by the quality of the plastic kits from the past few years :-)

    In all, I really like this 40k release and am hoping to see the Tau across the battlefield again soon (wink wink). I also enjoyed the articles, the pricing info and comparison is good info I think (and in euro, more relevant to me than in dollars). Keep it up!

  2. Last night, I took out my Tau from beneath a layer of dust and skeletons... seriously, my Vampire counts "army" was on top of them :p

    ... hmm maybe I need to make a post about this... so let's not spoil too much here. Anyway, the crisis battlesuits are even more underwhelming in real life than they are in pictures.

    Here's to hoping that GW makes a new plastic kit based on the new commander sculpt.

    As for the Tau being eaten by Nids soon... why did you think I dug up my box'o Tau?


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