Tuesday, April 9, 2013

RE: Mechanicus Adeptus

Just a short reaction to Faeit 212's post today about the Adeptus Mechanicus.
See Natfka's original post here
As we can all see, GW is more and more trending towards bigger kits. Where before, they wanted us to buy more and more, now they want us to buy bigger and bigger (and more).

So I can really see this happening in the not-too-distant future, allowing you to buy a 1500p army using only a small amount of huge kits with a small amount of smaller kits to fill out the remaining points.

This way, the threshold for people starting yet another army is lowered. In my opinion, it's easier to convince someone to buy 3 large boxes of stuff than it is to convince them to buy 12 small boxes of stuff, even if it costs the same amount of money for the same amount of points in-game.

Will I be buying the XV104 Riptide for my Tau army that hasn't seen the tabletop for over 3 years? Probably, yes... even inspiring me to continue buying stuff to flesh out the army.

I see the same trend (albeit in a smaller scale) with my Dark Angels as well. I decided to start a Deathwing-focussed force, just because the amount of models needed to play is low (and I told myself and my significant other that the Deathwing is not a new army... noooo, it's part of my Dark Angels force... of course I will be fielding 20+ terminators in a DA army at 1500p...)


  1. And once you have that 1500 pt army, maybe you can buy a squad or 2 of another army as allies... etc... clever of GW? sure, but I think it also allows us to choose how we want to grow our collection, and gives us more freedom.

    And that's a great thing imo!

    Btw: looking forward to seeing a riptide across the battlefield :-) Any idea when the Tau are in for some action? (Ok - you're probably waiting for the codex first :-) )

  2. Codex first, army building next, om nom nom after that... purchase reinforcements after that ;)


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