Friday, March 31, 2017

Death Guard Kill Team Febron - Finished!

Hi guys,

Long time no see.

I'm currently a very busy man, so I don't exactly have a lot of time to spend on blogging.
However, hobbywise, I haven't been sitting on my behind... come to think of it, that's exactly what I've been doing!

So I've finished my first Kill Team.
These guys are a warband of Death Guard who stayed loyal to the Imperium. This group of survivors of the Istvaan III atrocity banded together and still fight together since that day.

More pictures on the other side...

Sergeant Febron
As the leader of this warband, Febron dictates where and when to strike. Even though all team members are survivors from different parts of the XIVth, over the centuries, they all came to respect Febron as their leader.

Lastheron, heavy weapon specialist
Brandishing his favorite autocannon, Lastheron provides much-needed large calibre support for the team. Without him, krak grenades are the only thing that's able to remove heavily armored threats from the battlefield. With his expert shot, nearly anything that becomes the target of his attention is obliterated on sight.

Chorol, special weapon trooper
In the close quarters combat that is favoured by the Death Guard, Chorol's flamer is a weapon of mass destruction. Engulfing threats in a gout of promethium, many a victory has been grasped from the flames of defeat.

Dengor, combat specialist
The entire team is armed to handle any threat they may encounter, as dictated by the tenets of the Death Guard. Therefor, standard troopers are armed with bolter, chainsword and bolt pistol. Dengor however, prefers close combat to vanquish his foes, and as a result, has perfected the art of killing with chainsword and bolt pistol. With his killer instinct, he can find and hit any weak points of an enemy using his bare hands if necessary.

Morbus "thumbless", dirty fighter
When the situation dictates extreme measures, Morbus is let loose. After losing his thumb while fighting off some hungry Tyranids, Morbus adapted an unconventional fighting style using a backhanded grip on his chainsword.

Tusson, guerilla specialist
Sneaking up on a target is what Tusson does best, infiltrating an enemy encampment to strike from within. This usually causes a whole lot of confusion, allowing the rest of the team to sweep in and cause maximum damage.

Vulnux, team vox operator
He's carrying massively outdated gear, so the readouts usually make no sense and his vox hails get no replies. His bolter however, is as accurate as ever.

Haemorag, Graegor and Scophulo

Hard as nails, like any Death Guard, and equally deadly. Nothing special.

Thanks for looking. Next project is black and red power armour... stay tuned!

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