Friday, April 19, 2013

Join up for the Greater Good - Part 3: New Stuff

As a follow-up to my previous Tau army-building post, where I outlined what I have model-wise and how the army would work using the new Codex, this post contains what I would add to it to bring it up to 1500 pts and (of course) make it better... theoretically.


The first thing I see that is missing in my list is markerlights. These are a great feature in any Tau army and with only two in my list, I seriously need to upgrade. Now, there are several ways to include additional markerlights into a Tau army. Let's see what the best possibilities are:

Stealth Team

One markerlight on the Shas'vre and up to 2 marker drones... I already got one Stealth Team in my list and knowing what the competing choices are in the Elites section, I'm not inclined to add another. Also, not really masses of markerlights here. Maybe I can add another marker drone in the Stealth Team I have now.


Cheap, very customizable squad size and every member comes default with a markerlight... hmm, good deal! Also have the option for some high S and/or low AP weaponry. Additional plus: can take a pulse-accelerator drone for 24" pulse carbines... strictly better than Storm Bolters (albeit at a reduced BS)

Drone squadron

Relatively cheap, slightly more customizable squad size than Pathfinders, (free)choice between pulse carbines, markerlights or shields per model.

Crisis and Broadside suits

These guys can each take up to 2 markerdrones... then again, they're probably better of with shield, gun or missile drones. The latter only in case of the broadsides, as FAQed.

Sunshark and Sky ray

These come with networked markerlight(s). Not really the mass of markerlights I'm looking for.

-- Conclusion: I think I prefer the Pathfinders. They are cheaper than the drone squad and more flexible, because they carry a gun AND a markerlight whereas the drones have a gun OR a markerlight. The lower armor of the Pathfinders is maybe a killjoy, but we'll see in battle.
As for loadout, I think I'll initally take 2 cheap squads:
  1. 'ui + 5 'la's + bonding knifes
  2. 'ui + 3 'la's with ion rifles + bonding knifes
If that doesn't work out, I can still take them as 1 squad. (I plan on buying only one box, but if they're really good, I might buy a second one.)

Mobile Heavy Firepower

My army could also use some more Mobile Big Guns. Tau also have some different possibilities in this department:

XV104 Riptide

Yes. Please.
I don't care if there's a better possibility in-game, I love the model, so I will be getting this!
Yet, the choice of gun is an interesting one. Either the heavy burst cannon for a lot of S6 shots (8 or 12 when nova-charged) or the Ion Accelerator for less shots but AP2 with S7 heavy 3 or S8 or S9(!) large blast when over- or nova-charged... ok never mind, it'll be the Ion Accelerator hands down.
Will I be taking the shielded missile drones? Yes I will.

Crisis team, Sunshark, Razorshark

These are also mobile and can have big guns (unless compared to the riptide)... eh... not overly enthusiastic about these... maybe one day I'll get a flyer... for now, I'm fine without.

-- Conclusion: Riptide... 'nuff said.

Did I miss anything in the markerlight section?
Do you have any insights why I shouldn't take a Riptide?

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  1. After reading the rules for Darkstrider completely, I think he will be added to my force as well.
    -1T to the target of his shooting + 11 pulse carbines = dead things...


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