Thursday, April 4, 2013

Say Hello To My Little Friend

My little friend
Nothing quite like starting off with a little in-joke: "Say hello to my little friend" was Cheatah's reaction when I showed him my converted Hive Tyrant (who's guns are, admittedly, a bit too large - the conversion works a lot better on the winged variant).

The second part of the joke, is of course that I too, am the "little friend," to Cheatah that is. So the post title sort of doubles as an instruction for you to say hello to me. Yes, I'm sure explaining my jokes makes them better!

Anyhow, here we are. Cheatah asked my to write a bit on his blog, and that's what's going to happen here. We've been friends since uhm... 16? (Is that even right?) and have been playing WFB and 40k together, though the last years have been 40k exclusively.

I collect and play Space Marines, Imperial Guard, and Tyranids, though lately my efforts have been mostly focussed around the Nids (who are just awesome in 6th ed. I think, after the downer that was 5th ed. for them). I've played the Guard once in the last year, and haven't spent any hobby time on them. The marines are in even worse condition and haven't seen the tabletop in at least 3 years. Maybe allying them with my guard could fix that...

What you can expect from me (list non-commital):

  • Wordy posts with sentences that are about 4-5 lines long (and parentheses! I seem to love those (especially when nested)).
  • Hobby progress on the Nids, and a step-by-step on the super simple paint scheme
  • Magnetizing larger Nids
  • Rants on mathhammer and computer simulation of odds
  • Army ideas and thoughts, though my stuff is heavily borrowed from 3++ is the new black (those guys know what they're talking about - visit them if you like!)
So, a bit different from what Cheatah will be posting I think, not in the least because we have different armies to talk about. But that'll keep it interesting I hope!

Or that's the theory; time will tell what really happens... 

1 comment:

  1. Hello! ;)

    Looking forward to some posts containing Nids... maybe start off with a group shot and a sample army list?


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