Friday, May 3, 2013

WTF? - Crisis suit loadout

Since the latest FAQ, you're allowed to give your Crisis Battlesuits double weapons instead of the twin linked versions. This opens up some interesting options, since a XV8 suit already has a multi-tracker, allowing it to shoot with 2 weapons in the same shooting phase (only the shooting phase, so no shooting 2 weapons on overwatch)

Two missile pods gives a Crisis suit basically 2 autocannons with reduced range. Which can be fired on the move. Even used with JSJ (jump-shoot-jump) to stay hidden behind cover. What's not to like? Those are 4 S7 shots at BS3. Which is the equivalent of 2 Imperial Guard heavy weapon teams with autocannons... or a Rifleman Dreadnought... but maneuvrable. And it costs 52 points. Missile spam anyone? (XV8 Crisis suit + 2x missile pod: 52pts)

Sunforge Give a guy 2 Fusion blasters. Deep strike him near some enemy vehicles, possibly guided by a Stealth Shas'vre with homing beacon and melt something to slag. Jump behind cover and repeat next turn. With this configuration you don't have the range to help you survive so some additional toys can come in handy. Consider the shield generator to give you that all important 4+ invulnerable save. Also, the standard XV8 is quite a vulnerable frame with T4, W2 and 3+ save so the commander would be a better base for the Sunforge config with W4. This also gives you some more options to increase survivability. Add the Iridium battlesuit for T5 (nearly immune to double strength instant death) and 2+ save and if you want to go over the top, get a stimulant injector for Feel no Pain on top of that.
(XV8-05 Commander + 2x fusion blaster + Iridium battlesuit + shield generator: 165pts)

Burning eye
Very similar to the Sunforge but more for heavy infantry killing, the Burning eye uses double plasma guns for that important high strength and low AP Terminator and Marine killing power. You have a bit more range here to keep you safe, but they still need to get within rapid fire range to do any real damage.
(XV8-05 Commander + 2x plasma rifle + Iridium battlesuit + shield generator: 165pts)

Both the Sunforge and Burning eye shown before, leave the commander with one wargear option available. If you want your commander to be a bit more versatile, you can add an extra weapon. For the Sunforge, you can add a Plasma rifle to aid in heavy infantry killing (making it a Helios config) or a flamer for some horde thinning capability. The burning eye can likewise benefit from a Fusion blaster for vehicle popping (again, making it a Helios config) or the flamer for aforementioned horde thinning.
Also, remember that the flamer gives you some automatic overwatch hits when you get assaulted. Mind you, this makes the commander even more expensive.
(Helios Commander: 180pts, Sunforge or Burning eye with flamer: 170pts)

What is the most effective configuration for your XV8s?

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