Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Thoughts - New models and a quick update

This weekend, like most other weekend, I had a lot of stuff going on and most of them weren't on the hobby side of things.

However, I did away with the idea of painting every Tau I have before buying something new...

On the 24th I have a battle scheduled that I'd like to play with Tau. Now, we'll be playing 1500pts I suppose and I don't have enough Tau stuff to get to 1500pts. Proxy-ing is not a problem as long as the size of the actual model being proxied is similar to the model doing the proxy-ing. (all time low in proxy-ing was when I used an orange to represent a droppod... good times were had by all :p)

As you probably know, I'd like to add Pathfinders in my army for markerlights and a Riptide suit for... well... awesomeness :D

The Pathfinders are easily proxied using Space Marine Scouts but I currently don't have anything that's remotely the size of a Riptide. I spent a while considering my options and then just decided to order one online. I ordered it last friday and Firestorm games sent me an email that it was shipped later that day. I will probably receive it later this week... huzzah! I might even get it painted by the 24th. (don't hold me to that)

EDIT: The Riptide has already arrived... thanks for the fast handling, Firestorm games!

Quick update

On sunday, I got a little bit of hobby-time in. In between the battles in World of Tanks (getting 80% extra credits for battles fought with the Cromwell was great) I finished the armor on my next batch of Tau. From black primer to this point took me 40 minutes, not including the drying of washes.

Apparently, I didn't get a picture... hmm.
Anyway, the next batch consists of 2 Firewarriors and (the remaining) 2 Stealth Suits. Look for pictures in my upcoming posts!

How was your weekend?


  1. I'm on a short break from playing 40K at the moment so no weekend gaming for me. Today however may turn out to be a painting day if I can find the time.

    1. It's good to hear I'm not the only one struggling to find some time for the hobby.

      I hope you do get some painting done today. I'm hoping I can squeeze in some painting myself this evening.


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