Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tau Crisis Suits

Remember this lot?

Before the weekend, I finished the Stealth Suits and 2 accompanying Firewarriors, as you probably read here.

So yesterday, I decided to start the rest of the guys in this picture. Yes, that means that I'll be doing 2 Crisis Suits and 3 Firewarriors next.

I was wondering how the XV8s would turn out if painted with the same techniques as the Firewarriors and XV25s before them so I started off doing the monochrome highlight first (obviously... doing the washes first would just be plain dumb).
Don't mind the pose on this guy, he was made over half a decade ago... I was young back then...
This stage doesn't need to be clean as applying of the washes gives a smooth finish. The preliminary drybrush is applied using a huge brush (1/2") and Vallejo Game Color Stonewall Grey (a light grey).

This is the entire batch after the first Violet wash. You can see the drybrush is already smoothed out a lot.
After the second Violet wash, the armor gets a really deep purple color and the highlights look nice and smooth.

Seeing the XV8s like this, the color scheme and techniques seem to work. I'm happy :D

Watch this space for more progress!

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