Friday, May 10, 2013

Batch finished

These were left with only the basing to do.
And that's exactly what I did today...

So now these are finished, which means I have painted 7 Firewarriors, 2 Gun drones and 3 Stealth suits from start to finish, including varnish and basing, in 24 days. For most people this won't be super fast, but considering that I even did Shas'la S'mik during this period, I consider this a personal victory.

Also, this means I have now a fully completed squad in the form of a Stealth Team:
Notice that the Shas'vre seems a bit foggy... this is the result of the coat of varnish that has been applied just before and I hope it will dry out to a completely clear finish (fingers crossed).

Next up is the further assembly of the Riptide.
On my painting station now are 2 Crisis Suits!

Are you a fast painter? Let me know in the comments!

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