Tuesday, October 22, 2013

And now for something completely different... 15mm WW2

Finishing my Tau Riptide, I decided on buying the next step for my army. Unfortunately, this isn't very exciting as I just need more Firewarriors to field. So I ordered a box of Firewarriors.

Also, I've been ogling Flames of War and especially the minis, as these are great copies of the tanks seen in World of Tanks (well duh, they are after all historical WW2 tanks). So I bit the bullet and bought a box of 5 15mm Panzer IVs from Plastic Soldier Company.

Without further ado, here's the fruit of my effort sticking the first of the Panzers (an Ausf. G) together:

The turret fits snugly with a peg into the hull, letting you turn the turret without the chance to accidentally knock it off. Even so, I fitted a 5 eurocent coin in the hull (it's just big enough, I didn't even have to glue it in) and a rare earth magnet in the turret peg for the added magnetisation bonus. (aka it wasn't necessary, but it works)

The hull and turret went together like a dream but the tracks both snapped in one place... probably due to my clumsy fingers as these bits are quite fiddly for a 28mm modeler ;-)
They were easily fixed by a drop of superglue. All in all, most of it went together without a hitch.

Ok, so I missed a couple of things... the basket with extra roadwheels at the side haven't been added yet, the piece of track at the front isn't stuck on and I still have some kind of double canister bit that I can't find a home for on the model...

UPDATE: after some googling, I found out the canister bit are the air filters of the Ausf. H which should go on the right side of the hull... I'll check that out if I build an Ausf. H.

A shot with the box. There are 4 more models inside, so a lot of bang for your buck, considering that you need about 10 tanks for a medium sized Flames of War battle.

Also, I built 4 of the firewarriors, so maybe I can get an extra squad ready for the battle I planned this friday!

Keep watching for some paint on the Panzer and/or 40k models!

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