Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Laze: Racing, washers and racing

This seems to be happening a lot lately, so why not make it a recurring item on the blog, right...

Let me introduce:


So once again, the weekend was filled with stuff to do, only, not much on the warhammer-side of things...

I got together with a couple of buddies, and we played the board game Formula D. The idea is that we'll get together monthly to do a race and we keep track of the scores so after a couple of months, a winner can be declared. Since it's vacation season, a lot of people aren't available so we're just doing some testing runs, to get better acquainted with the game mechanics. Come september, we'll get serious.

The day started off with getting ready to meet my niece for her horseback riding lesson. In the afternoon, we drove around stores to restock our (horse, cat and human) food supplies and we stopped at the local DIY store to get some stuff. Last week when I was starting work on my Kroot, I noticed they were kind of unbalanced, some of them have their gun sticking out quite a bit and this makes them topple quite easily. So the idea was to get some washers to stick underneath their bases, so they become a bit less top-heavy.

I mean the left ones, the right one would make the models a bit unwieldy...
The washers I saw at the store were 1.9€ for 25... considering that a coin of 5 eurocent is about the right fit underneath a regular base, it'd be cheaper to just glue coins to them... so no washers were bought on saturday.

At night, there was kind of a party at the place where my wife's horse resides, so we went there and stayed out way too long :p

After sleeping a couple of hours, we had to be at the horse place once again, this time to participate in a friendly barrelrace competition with the people that have their horses over there. To make things short: no one had had enough sleep, it was hot as hell, I had to step in to help organise the competition and my better half came in third place, which is not bad considering the first and second place was the same horse.
This is not my wife, just an image found online...
On the way home we stopped at another DIY store where I did find usable and cheap washers so I was happy with that (see, I don't need expensive stuff to be happy). The rest of the day was spent in relative coolness and relaxation. Many a washer was applied to a bottom of a base and many stability issues were solved ;)

Did you have another one of those hobby-lulls this weekend?

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