Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Earth Caste BioMech Research: Kroot colonies

Greetings fellow Earth Caste researchers.

This treatise handles the physiological discrepancies of divergent Kroot colonies in relation to Fire Caste applicability of mercenaries.

As we all know, the Kroot species has colonies spread over a great quantity of wildly divergent planets and planetoids. An interesting fact about Kroot is that they easily evolve to adapt to their surroundings, taking only years to change their physical attributes to better survive in the varying environments.

The carnivorous Kroot's path to survival is mostly centered around their methodology of hunting. Based on the types of fauna most often found on the planet(oid) of residence, the Kroot colony's individuals rapidly alter their physique to ameliorate the hunt.

Evolution like this is expedited by the Kroot's consumption of the prey's flesh. The species' unique metabolism extracts DNA from the digesting nutrition and causes mutation in the individual's own DNA, which in turn causes the rapid alteration of physical attributes.

However, there are some traits that are so ingrained in the Kroot physiognomy that they will never be expunged from their DNA. We call these species characteristics:

- Kroot are carnivorous hunters. This is the way they adapt to new environments and that is the main reason this species has survived and prospered (relatively) for such a long time span. There have been few documented cases where a Kroot individual evolved into a herbivore, usually by eating something extremely poisonous or with an excruciating taste, but these individuals never survive long, as per the species characteristic below.

- Kroot are cannibals. To weed out the weaker individuals from the colony, Kroot will hunt down and eat these individuals. Although cruel, this is definitely For The Greater Good.

Based on these invariable species characteristics, the Kroot species has been thoroughly proven an asset to the Fire Caste military effort. Their brutal but effective ways make them excellent skirmishers and fair scouts.

There are however colonies which are better suited than others to the harsh mercenary life. Their divergence in physiological specifications making them less prone to detection and better suited to the conditions on certain worlds.

To determine which colony would be best suited for our current military efforts, you should join me next time as we discuss several differing colonies of Kroot all hailing from the Smik star system.

For The Greater Good!


  1. Nice little piece - I've been just a little fascinated with Kroot ever since the 3rd Ed rulebook had a (admittedly different) picture referenced as Kroot.

    1. Ah yes, I seem to remember there was one sketch of several xenos species all bunched up together... if I remember correctly, this was also the first mention of hrud. Can anyone find this picture online?


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