Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Devilfish update!

This was the Devilfish before I did what I did last night...

Can you spot the differences? (Of course you can!)

I painted all the viewports in the usual green I use for eye (and other) lenses and added some metallic touches here and there. I think the details really bring the paintjob together.

The base got painted as well.
Now I just need to add some markings to the tank. I ordered (and received) some Vallejo Model Air White for this and I'll be using tape as a mask to paint some straight lines with my airbrush... we'll see how that goes...

After that, it's just a coat of varnish and some static grass I need to add to the base.
And then, I'll need to decide what to do next... possibly I'll take a break from painting to assemble the pathfinders and fireblade I received in the same order as the model air white.

Now to figure out what markings to paint and where... I'll need to take a look in my codex... does anyone have any pictures of good looking examples of Tau tank markings?

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