Monday, July 8, 2013

Devilfish down!

Like usual, the above pic is where I left the model after the previous painting session.

I got a little bit of painting done this weekend, and because I couldn't resist, I also stuck together a pathfinder (of which I don't have picture proof).

So here it is, my finished Devilfish:

Eh, I was kind of in a hurry to get it finished... I might need to go back in and do some more smaller markings here and there to tie the entire model together.

Also, I masked off the stripes before I painted them on with my airbrush... but I think I'll need some specialized masking tape in the future, because the tape I used, peeled off some of the paint - primer and all.

You can see this in the above pictures on the left side engine, where the stripes are on the side, a 1.5cm piece of paint peeled off from the front. The other engine has the same symptom but a much smaller piece. Only 2mm or so. I touched it up with black paint.

See the bare plastic on the front?
I'm not entirely happy with the model, but I'm not redoing it... it's painted and it will remain painted...

I need a break from painting... what a coincidence my pathfinders and Fireblade arrived this week! ;)

Ever had a model that you weren't completely happy with? Share it in the comments!

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