Friday, July 12, 2013


So I decided to paint my Kroot Carnivores next and I started experimenting for a color scheme.

Why change a winning team or fix something that isn't broken, right?
That's why I started out with a black undercoat and a monochrome highlight. Contrary to my Tau however, I did the drybrush highlight in Bone White instead of Stonewall Grey. This to give the Kroot a more earthy vibe.

It's looking like this will work out just fine, look at all the details the drybrushing revealed!

So next, I needed to come up with an overall color for their skin. The first I tried was a turquoise paint that I watered down to get washy consistency. The second was a GW red wash and the third was my regular Sepia wash. This is how the Smiks look:

I'm not sure about either of them. I think I'll need to paint them up completely before I can decide on which one to choose. That way, I can see how the colors work together with the armor and leather.

Any thoughts?

1 comment:

  1. Try a green one, too. Looks a bit orky indeed but I like it. ^^


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