Thursday, August 15, 2013

Update you say?

You all remember this guy, right?



Ok so, I did some more work on this concept Kroot dude and you can read all about it after the break...

I re-metalled the rifle and added some highlights in silver.
The eyes were done in red, as were the beads in his hair... spines... whatever those things on his head are.
His clothing was done in leather-look (not the black studded night-club type... the medieval, improvised armor type)
And I did the base.

I kind of like the basic earthy colors used all over. They contrast well with the red in his eyes and hair-spine-beads and the purple of the shoulder pad and cloth wrapped around the gun.

So things that need doing:
- coat of varnish
- static grass
- 9 (or 11 if I ever get to stripping the other 2 Smik subjects) of his buddies.

Watch this space for more updates!


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