Thursday, February 2, 2017

WIP: Death Guard Mk III Marines - Kill Team Febron

Graegor - before cayman green and weathering
So, my first post, "Back from the dead" featured a Chaos Space Marine from the Dark Vengeance boxed set I painted in Death Guard fashion.

I then decided to assemble and paint a Death Guard Kill Team.

This is the story so far...

A Death Guard Kill Team... but I wanted not just any Death Guard... I wanted the Team to represent pre-heresy Death Guard of the 7th Grand Company. Maybe they're even Loyalists... who knows...

Thankfully, the Burning of Prospero boxed set was recently released, containing Mk III marines, the perfect mark of armor to represent Death Guard, as it's more heavily armored at the front and the Death Guard prefer close range combat and boarding actions.

So I bought the sprues for 10 models off of someone who bought the boxed set and re-sells the models separately. Imagine my surprise when I saw the 32mm bases marines come with, nowadays!

Graegor's sexy MkIII backside

Since then, I've assembled 7 marines, including:
- Sergeant Febron
- Flamer wielding Chorol
- Combat specialist Dengor
- Vox trooper Vulnux (regular line trooper but with cool looks)
- 3 Line troopers: Haemorag, Graegor and Scophulo

Still needed:
- Dirty fighter specialist Morbus (I could use some inspiration how to model him)
- Autocannon dude Lastheron (Will convert Heavy Bolter to Autocannon)
- Stealth specialist Tusson

Morbus, Graegor and 2 blurry teambuddies.

And I've been painting as well!

Chorol, Dengor, Haemorag and Graegor are painted, but as I'm coming up with the painting recipe as I go, some things change over time. The latest change to the color scheme is the tint of green used for the pauldrons, kneecap and part of the backpack.
Previously, this was Vallejo Sickly Green shaded with sepia. Now it's Cayman Green. This color better suits the Death Guard, I think.

Something else I want to explore with these guys is weathering. I've already added a sponge-applied dark brown stippling which is cool.
What I still want to try: painting on scratches and gashes and using weathering powder.
Yes, all on the same models.

We'll see how that goes!

Weathering. Is it something you do? Let me know below!

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