Friday, January 27, 2017

Death Guard Kill Team Febron

Like I said before, Kill Team brought me back into the hobby, and since Death Guard has always been on my to-do list, this was the perfect opportunity for my first Kill Team.

So I started looking at the Chaos Space Marine Codex (and Traitor Legions supplement) and came up with the following list:

Chaos Space Marine squad 
- Death Guard: Relentless, Feel no pain, Fearless, -1 I
- Mark of Nurgle: +1 T
- Veterans of the Long War: +1 Ld, Hatred(SM)

NameSquad positionLoadoutWSBSSTAIWLdSvRoleSkillRule
FebronSergeantBP, BG, CCW4445231103+Leader
LastheronHeavyBP, Autocannon454513193+Weapon specialistExpert shotBS+1
ChorolSpecialBP, Flamer444513193+
DengorTrooperBP, BG, CCW444513193+Combat specialistKiller instinctWound on 2+ in cc
MorbusTrooperBP, BG, CCW444513193+Dirty fighter specialistMurderous blowsRe-roll to wound in cc
VulnuxTrooperBP, BG, CCW444513193+
HaemoragTrooperBP, BG, CCW444513193+
GraegorTrooperBP, BG, CCW444513193+
ScophuloTrooperBP, BG, CCW444513193+
TussonTrooperBP, BG, CCW444513193+

Some remarks:
- The entire squad has +1 Toughness from mark of nurgle and Feel no pain to make them all very resilient. Fearless ensures they never run off. Watch out though, -1 Initiative makes them slightly vulnerable in assault.
- Autocannon is there to take out light vehicles. First iteration of the list had a Heavy Bolter with split fire, to target multiple infantry models, relying on krak grenades to take out light vehicles. This turned out to be an insufficient reply to vehicles.
- All guys (except heavy Lastheron and special Chorol) carry Bolter, Bolt pistol and Close combat weapon to be as versatile as possible. I prefer this setup instead of giving Febron a power weapon. Also, extra fluff points, since Death Guard are supposed to be armed to counter all types of opposition.

Any advice for a better list? Let me know in the comments!

1 comment:

  1. Very nice team!

    "Watch out though, -1 Initiative makes them slightly vulnerable in assault." Too true, as your one guy found out charging my scout and promptly getting shanked :-D


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