Friday, August 2, 2013

Update... yay!

Remember these guys?

Well, I decided to finish painting the one I like best, first and in the mean time, continue painting 2 gun drones that I started (what seems like) ages ago.

The weather is still hot in Belgium, so painting is kind of a chore for me. The only light I have in my painting room are 6 bright halogen spots, which really give a lot of light, but they also get very hot, and that's something I really don't need more of: heat.

To hell with it, I thought yesterday, and I picked up my paintbrush for the first time in some weeks.

First up: the gun drones. I added the two layers of purple wash, instantly making them look a lot better ;)

The Kroot I liked the most was the one with the Sepia wash, so that's the one I'll be finishing first.
I added a layer of bone white to all the protruding bones, and also the hair-spikes. Then I added a light drybrush of the same color on the raised areas of the skin, just to add some more definition.

The shoulder plate and the cloth around the barrel of the gun were given the same treatment as the armor of my Tau, tying the Kroot into the overall look of the army.
I blacked in the rifle, to receive some metal treatment at a later time.
The last thing I did was deciding on a color for the "clothes". I guess they should look like leather, but I didn't want to do them in a brownish color because the skin is already like this and I wanted some more contrast.

I'm not sure about the green. looking at the pictures I'm thinking a dark red might be better.

To finish this post, let me show you some of the unpainted plastic that is still sitting on my desk:
Those are 6 Kroot, 10 Pathfinders, a Fireblade (great model) and 2 shielded missile drones.

What did you say? That I was going to finish painting everything I have before buying something new? Nah, I don't remember saying that...

That's it, my first real painting update in quite a while. What are your thoughts?


  1. Kroot looks good. I might suggest one level higher highlights on the bone/spines so they're still a bit brighter than the high tones on the skin. On the legs they look good, but the face is lighter and so they almost look the same.

    I definitely see what you're saying on the green cloth. On one hand, I think it fits the fluff and doesn't look bad. On the other, it doesn't seem to go all that well with the purple.

  2. The model is nowhere near finished, so yeah, it will receive further highlights on the spines.

    I might go over the green with a sepia wash, to tone the color down/dirty it up. I'll see what that does...

    Orange or yellow is a color that contrasts well with the purple, but I just can't see the Kroot wearing yellow clothing...


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