Thursday, August 8, 2013

Small update to Smik Kroot

Howdy folks.

You might remember this picture up here... it has the Kroot guy with the clashing colors for his clothing.

Anyway, I didn't like how the green and the purple worked together, so I decided to just paint his clothing brown, darker than his skin.

Ok, so this picture's quality sucks monkey balls...
At least you can see I put some work into highlighting the spines further, so they now stand out more.
Also, the metal parts have had a drybrush of metal and a wash of sepia. They will receive metal and silver highlights.

The brown clothes need a highlight and the entire model needs some spot color, probably red, used for the eyes, beads in the spines etc.

I actually like how this guy is starting to look. Imagine these in a squad... oh yeah :D

What do you think?

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