Monday, June 10, 2013

Broadsides: start of detailing

The last days, the weather here in Belgium has been great, so not many hours were spent indoors doing hobby stuff.

Although, I do have a little bit of an update ready as put on another coat of white, just to cover up some blotchy white and I started on the detailing... picture after the break!

Like I said before, I didn't do much... I just did the bits and pieces that are supposed to be metal in their first coat of gold and I added the flesh wash on them to darken the metal. These include all "screw-head" type thingies, like on the power source of the broadsides and on the pule rifle end. Also, all antennas end in a metal bit. The multi-trackers on the broadsides also have all of the orbs that stick out painted in metal. This breaks up the otherwise too white looking support system.

Also, the markings were done on all four of the models. The broadsides got their marking on their left-hand SMS and the left side of their chest. They also have one bit of their thigh-armour done in white.
The drone got markings on the antenna and the top of the disc. The firewarrior has the same markings as his ten buddies: on his helmet and gun.

Football on TV, couch, beer and cat...

Friday was the time for football (or soccer, for the US readers) as the Belgian National Team (Red Devils) played against Serbia for the World Championship 2014 qualification. We won 2-1 and our direct competitors for top spot in group A, Croatia, lost 0-1 to Scotland! This puts us in the lead by 3 points with only 9 points left to gain. We are mathematically sure of either first or second place!

Does your hobbytime suffer from summer-depression as well?

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