Monday, October 7, 2013

XV104... Decalled!

You remember this guy, right?

Well, I decided to add some decals to the model, just to make it stand out some more.

To do this and make it look good, I opted to go out and buy some Vallejo decal fix and decal medium. (These products should have the same effect as Micro Set and Micro Sol, but they're apparently cheaper.) I added decals to my devilfish as well, and I really liked the look of it, except the transparent film is still visible.

Decal fix makes sure the decal sticks better to the surface of the model and Decal medium dissolves the transparent film the decal is composed of, leaving only the colored bits of the decal visible "for that painted-on effect".
(I also bought some masking tape to aid in airbrush adventures, some brushes, gloss varnish and a new pot of CA glue.)

Now check out the model after the decalling... (don't mind the base, still working on it... also, I did some more white markings)

These decals really give me the opportunity to add an extra level of details to my (bigger) models without trying to freehand fiddly stuff like that... I have shaky hands and the freehanding usually gets screwed up, leaving me with an icky model or more work retouching the original paint work.

And yes, I know my photographing skills suck...

I'm happy! Stay tuned for the final work on the base, varnishing and such...

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