Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Back from the dead - Death Guard

You talkin' to me?

After a hiatus of over two and a half years, I'm back into the hobby!

What a better way to reboot than painting a Chaos Marine from the Dark Vengeance set.
This guy was already undercoated with black paint and had already received a zenital highlight using an airbrush several years ago. He's spent his time gathering dust (as death guard tend to do) but yesterday I decided enough is enough.

I broke out the ol' brushes and paints and after checking the paint pots for liquidity, I immediately tossed out all my GW paints. The Vallejo Game Color and Game Ink pots were all fine... rejoice!

Mind you, they spent almost three years being untouched. The GW pots have manufacturing dates, and those were nearly a decade old!

Anyway, the Death Guard have always appealed to me, including the dirty white/green color scheme. So I decided to ditch my homemade nurgle marines 'Legion of Rust' and opted to go full-on Death Guard for the color scheme.

Color scheme and ol' faithful Vallejo paints in the background.

You may notice that my photography skills have been upgraded as well, since last time I was here. That's because I needed another hobby (read 'money-pit') in the time I didn't spend dabbling in 40k. So I'm now an amateur photographer in addition to being plastic-addicted.

I've watched a good couple of "how to paint" videos on Warhammer TV, and that's actually how I got my mojo back. I'm not saying I'm going to post here regularly, but at least I'm going to try doing some hobby-stuff once in a while.

I actually needed to experiment a bit with different recipes for the different areas of the model. So I'm not going over all the steps I took to arrive at the end, but I will outline the recipe I'll follow for the other models in this guy's squad (and possibly army?).

All colors listed are Vallejo Game Color/Ink


  1. Black airbrush undercoat (can be done with spray paint as well)
  2. Stonewall grey airbrush zenital highlight
  3. Black basecoat for the bolter casings
  4. Gunmetal basecoat for the metal parts
  5. Polished gold basecoat for the ornaments
  6. Sick green basecoat for the pauldrons and tabbard

  1. Sepia wash over the entire model

  1. Drybrush Stonewall grey over the armor
  2. Edge drybrush Stonewall grey on the bolter casings
  3. Edge highlight Sick green on the green bits
  4. Layer highlight Polished gold on the gold bits
Eye lenses:
  1. Basecoat Gory red
  2. Shade with Sepia ink
  3. Layer highlight Gory red

Have you ever lost and then recovered your mojo? Let me know in the comments!

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