Thursday, January 26, 2017

The K-Team - Is Kill Team the answer?

Warhammer, and 40k in my case, is inherently all about "What if I add this or that unit into my army?" This triggers an entire workflow:
1) Theoretical thought about usage and tactics concerning the unit to add.
2) Collect the models required for the unit based on theoreticals of previous step.
3) Assemble the models.
4) Paint the models.
5) Play long game(s) with them, and ask yourself the question "What if I add this or that unit into my army?"

This gets tedious over time with any army. So what do most players do? Decide to collect another army, of course! And the cycle repeats itself.

After time, this in itself gets tedious/expensive/time absorbing, causing players (well actually, I'm talking mostly about myself) to quit the hobby and start spending time and money in other pursuits.

--- Enter Kill Team ---

FYI: Here, "Kill Team" means the ruleset introduced by GW in the "Kill Team" boxed set in 2016. There are other variants of Kill Team (Heralds of Ruin, homebrew, ...) to which these thoughts might apply, but don't quote me on that.

Part of the reviving of my interest in "the hobby" is due to the potential of "Kill Team" to cut down on the workflow above:
1) Theoreticals are reduced since Kill Team prohibits the use of certain units by rules and the viability of other units or options through points restrictions. (200pts isn't a lot)
2) How many models can you fit into 200pts? That's the maximum amount of models you need to buy.
3) See 2, substitute "buy" with "assemble".
4) See 2, or 3 if you like redirections. Substitute "buy" with "paint".
5) "Army" is done, play quick games with them, ask yourself the question: "What army will I start next?"

This type of workflow makes it easy for players to start and finish a project in a (relatively) small amount of time and for a (relatively) small amount of money, compared to armies that need at least 1500pts (which is considered smallish) to play in a standard 40k battle.

Thus, the hobby no longer gets tedious as long as you have another Kill Team you'd like to start. Also, the painting hurdle is much lower, because there aren't that many models you need to finish. As soon as you get tired painting a certain color scheme, you can start planning the next Kill Team. (Admittedly, I've already started planning 3 or maybe 4 possible teams to do next.)

Any thoughts? Leave a comment!

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