Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Back from holidays and update!

As you can see here, I haven't been thinking about hobby-ing for about two weeks while I was at the Gorges du Verdon in France... well, that's actually a bit of a lie, as I've read about 4 Black Library books while I was there... enticing me to start some new armies:
(in no particular order)
- Eldar
- Pre-heresy Thousand Sons
- Flesh Tearers
- Ultramarines (gasp!)

They also prompted me to start again on my Dark Angels and Death Guard...

Ah the lure of new (and/or existing) armies...

I refuse to give in, so I'll continue work on my Tau, as you can see after the break!

You probably won't notice it, but I added some highlights and shades to the details like the piece of flesh, tassels hanging from the guns and the leather clothing. I also did the rifles completely, finishing this batch-o-kroot. They only need a coat of varnish at this stage and some grass.

Which is what's added in this pic. I also varnished the gun drones and original Smikroot and gave them some plant life to walk on (or hover over).

For my next picture... it's a teaser of what's to come...

I finalized my Riptide model (adding the smart missile system and pinning the already magnetized ion accelerator) and undercoated it, ready to begin painting!

And finally, another shot of the Gorges du Verdon... if you're ever nearby that place, at least drive by, it's gorgeous...

On to wondrous new tales of hobbying!

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